I walk a good 25 minutes to work every morning and a good 35 minutes (I’m a bit slower by the end of the day) from work every evening.  Although the 1-1½ mile commute to and from Port Authority is a bit long, I initially didn’t think I would mind the walk.  I could get […]

Here are a few of my favorite female-fronted bands and female artists. I needed a break from writing and my favorite part about reading has always been the pictures anyway. Lorde This 16 year-old, New Zealand native has exploded this summer. If you still haven’t heard of her, take a listen to the first two […]

My first year of college was the year I started hearing about the birth control pill.  Everywhere I went I heard some girl cursing (usually in the bathroom stall next to me), “Shit! I forgot to take my pill.”  Wait, there’s a pill that will hold off any little Vagianos grandkids (I am definitely taking […]

I’ve never been an avid reader of the magazine Cosmopolitan (except that time I gained 15 pounds while I was abroad and the “Lose 10 lbs. in 10 Hours” headlines sucked me in – it doesn’t work by the way).  My roommate however, happens to love Cosmo and reads it religiously.  One day after work, […]

I’m a 22-year-old woman who loves hip-hop and R&B music.  And while I understand that if you have to say something out loud it usually means you’re lying, but for the sake of this article, you can assume I’m pretty hip, I have a rather large collection of Nikes…basically I know the difference between “cool” […]

Born and raised in New Jersey (not the Jersey Shore, mind you), I was a little hesitant when I decided to move to Los Angeles: the land where beautiful people grow on trees and bad weather ceases to exist.  In order to quell my fears and anxieties, I decided to leave my feminist agenda behind […]