Badass Females Take the Stage

Here are a few of my favorite female-fronted bands and female artists. I needed a break from writing and my favorite part about reading has always been the pictures anyway.


This 16 year-old, New Zealand native has exploded this summer. If you still haven’t heard of her, take a listen to the first two songs that caught my interest, Tennis Court and Royals. She has – by far – the most amazing style and sound I’ve ever seen/heard on a teenager.

Biting Down


Azealia Banks aka Miss Bank$

I first fell in love with Azealia when she came out with the in-your-face (and super explicit) track 212. Talk about swag, just wait until she starts screaming in Young Rapunxel – it’s addicting. The most amazing part is she’s only 22 years-old – hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of Miss Bank$ in the future.

Young Rapunxel (Explicit)



Talk about an iconic figure who’s always ready to piss people off, MIA (Mathangi Arulpragasam) is basically a household name after her huge single Paper Planes debuted in 2007.  The best part about MIA however, is how she uses her music as a platform for social and political activism.

Born Free (WARNING: super SUPER violent)


Cat Power

A little older, Cat Power (Charlyn Marie Marshall) has been performing since the early 90s with a voice similar to Janis Joplin’s.  Her voice is haunting and blues-y on some of my other favorite tracks including I Found a Reason and Ramblin’ (Wo)man. I just love love love her voice. Did I mention how much I loved her voice?

Naked if I Want to



This seven person ensemble is fronted by Monica Martin.  Hailing from Baraboo, WI where, “kids often drink poisoned groundwater and become endowed mutants”, the band is a little over a year old.  They have a little of Sufjan Steven’s weirdness, I like it.

Slow Mothion/Blue and White


Florence & the Machine

I can’t not put Florence on here. Her voice is majestic and reminds me of heaven.

Cosmic Love


I can’t write about badass female artists without including my favorites P!nk and Queen Bey. Ellie does a pretty awesome job too. Let’s be real, I could go on for days.



  1. copycase · · Reply

    Lorde deserves a throne in the music kingdom

  2. Three cheers for female artists hip hip!

  3. Amber Melvin · · Reply

    I’d like to add Beth Ditto from The Gossip. She’s a badass queer fat lady with an amazing voice. Plus she takes her clothes off on stage.

  4. I haven’t stopped listening to Lorde on repeat all summer. Yes yes & yes

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